Frequently Asked Questions - Lenders

Buyer’s View is only active in New Hampshire right now as we continue to improve our beta software development phase. Moving forward, we plan on expanding nationwide with Massachusetts being the next state in our expansion plans.. If you are associated with the real estate industry, real estate agents, mortgages, insurance, lawyers, etc. and would like to be the first one in line when we are moving into your state, please click here and we will be happy to send you that information.

Buyer’s View will establish mortgage advisors in every community across the state. Lenders and mortgage brokers can obtain a Reserve Seat in one or more of the seven loan programs provided to promote their business profile in the cities and towns they choose to serve. Each loan program has a limited amount of individual Reserve Seats for an annual fee of $10 per city or town you select. You may also take advantage of our discounted Local MLS Group Purchase Program and your business profile will appear in all the cities and towns of that local MLS Board jurisdiction. Annual fees for the Group Purchase Plan vary depending on the MLS Board. Check out the Board pricing hereThere are a limited number of Reserve Seats in each of the membership plans.

The consumer should have a good cross-section of professional mortgage advisors to choose from. Buyer’s View will restrict the number of advertising positions that can be reserved by any one independent office or major company brand. Buyer’s View will attempt to have at least three individual offices represented for the consumer to choose from for every community in our database.

Existing rights to a Reserve Seat member will be determined by who paid for the last annual subscription fee. If the employer paid for the Reserve Seat, it would remain in their possession unless the employee has written proof their previous employer is willing to release the Reserve Seat to the employee.

We are intentionally limiting the number of Reserve Seat positions in each community to a seasoned cross-section of professional mortgage advisors. Reserve Seat applicants are advised to complete their profile, testimonials, and their experience level to convey their professionalism. Our selection committee will make
the final choices.

Send Buyer’s View a notice within 30 days of the expiration date and you will not be charged for the next subscription timeframe. Reserve Seats not cancelled will be automatically renewed for another annual subscription and will be charged to the same credit card. Any Reserved Seat that expires and is not renewed will automatically revert to Buyer’s View and be available to be assigned to another applicant.