Frequently Asked Questions - Lenders

Lenders and mortgage brokers will have a choice of two options for seat membership. A Complimentary Free Seat or a Reserve Seat that has an introductory $10 annual fee for each loan program in the city or town you select. To review the benefits included in both options go to Membership Plan Pricing.

A Complimentary Seat is a temporary seat on an “at will” basis and there will be no annual fees. Each loan program has a limited number of seats for each community. If you have a Complimentary Seat and the seat limit has been reached in any of the loan programs where your name appears, a new Reserve Seat Board Member can bump a Complimentary Seat member from that loan program. There is no grace period or warning.

A Reserve Seat secures your seat for 12 months at an introductory fee of $10 per loan program per city and town you select. You receive all the benefits of a Complimentary Seat, and you also have renewal protection at the annual rate for that year.

Yes, you may select as many cities or towns as you like. The only restriction would be the maximum seat capacity in that community for whichever loan program you select or the number of advertising positions that can be reserved by anyone independent office or major brand has been reached.

We believe the consumer should have a good cross-section of mortgage professionals to choose from. Buyer’s view will restrict the number of advertising positions in all cities and towns that can be reserved by anyone independent office or major brand. Buyers view will attempt to give theconsumer at least three individual offices to choose from for every community.

Yes, Complimentary Seats are occupied on a “at will” temporary basis and will eventually be displaced by Reserve Seat members. Complimentary Seats will be bumped by the last one in, first one out system unless it is necessary to alter this because of the office restriction guidelines. There is no grace period or warning.

If an existing Reserve Seat member decides to change their employer and that transfer causes the maximum restriction guidelines to come into force, they will only be allowed to retain their seat through the end of their subscription period for that community unless there is a Complimentary Seat member from the same office or brand name that can be bumped.

Send Buyers View a notice within 30 days of the expiration date and you will not be charged for the next subscription timeframe. Reserve Seats not canceled will be automatically renewed for another annual subscription and will be charged to the same credit card.

Any Reserved Seat position that expires and is not renewed will automatically revert to Buyer’s View and be available to be assigned to another lender or mortgage broker.