Why Buyer’s View?

Buyer’s View is not a real estate company. What we do is offer a unique and better way for selling real estate agents and all buyer agents a faster and less expensive way to consummate the purchase of a home. How do we accomplish that?

“Buyer Agents list their homebuyer clients here”

Buyer’s View will be giving ALL Buyer Agents from ANY real estate company an online vehicle/platform to feature their homebuyer clients anonymously, along with their housing requirements, so that anyone that presently has a house for sale or maybe thinking of selling their home soon will be able to review this list of all homebuyers. Now sellers and their agents can take a more proactive role in “MATCHING” their properties with qualified buyers on the Buyer’s View website.

Buyers cannot see new listings until they are entered into the MLS. Now the Listing Agent will be able to “match” their new listing with a qualified buyer on the Buyer’s View website immediately. Homes will sell faster with much less advertising expense searching for a buyer. Homebuyers working with a buyer’s agent that has posted their housing criteria on the Buyer’s View website will now “SEE THE BEST DEALS FIRST™”.

Buyer’s Agent
Homebuyers do not have ready access to FSBOs (for sale by owners). Now FSBOs can see the available pool of qualified buyers in their local housing market. These homebuyers, represented by a licensed buyer’s agent, will now see their exposure to homes not listed in the MLS increased dramatically. Find an agent here.

It is very important for the home buying consumer to see a good cross-section of lenders to choose from. Typically, Buyer’s View wants the homebuyer to find a minimum of three individual lenders to choose from in each community: preferably a mortgage broker, a bank, or a credit union. Find a lender here.

Buyer’s View Exclusive Reverse Offer Form
The Buyer’s View exclusive Reverse Offer Form is utilized to bring together a buyer and seller when there is a match with the buyer’s home criteria and the amenities of a listed home for sale except for a difference in the price the buyer is willing to pay. The seller’s agent, with the owner’s permission, then sends a Reverse Offer Form indicating to the buyer’s agent their client is willing to negotiate with a serious buyer. The negotiations could be based on the price as well as offering some serious seller concessions that would make the home more affordable for the homebuyer. Some of the seller concessions might be to assist with the down payment or closing costs, offering a second mortgage, paying for a home warranty are including valuable personal items such as furniture, garden tractors, snowblower or other assets. The sellers and their agents can now “target” specific buyers listed in the Buyer’s View database, create unique proposals to those buyers with the Reverse Offer Form and still maintain privacy and confidentiality without weakening their position with the rest of the marketplace. Preview the form here.

Listing Agent
Many times a property goes under agreement and after 4 to 6 weeks a problem develops that puts the house back on the market. Maybe it was an unsatisfactory home inspection or the buyer being declined for a mortgage. Now the listing agent has a major marketing problem in today’s antiquated system. They need to start their marketing all over again which means more expenses and more time spent. We don’t even want to mention a very disgruntled homeowner. Buyer’s View solves this problem by allowing the listing agent to search the Buyer’s View database immediately and hopefully find a match for their listing. Find an agent here.