Frequently Asked Questions – Agents

How can I obtain an advertising position?

Buyer's View will establish buyer agent experts in every community across the state. You can reserve an annual advertising position in one or more of the eight niche categories provided and promote your business profile in the cities or towns that you choose to serve. Each niche category has a limited amount of seats for an annual fee of $10 per city or town you select. We also offer you a Complimentary Seat program on an "at will" basis. If you have a Complimentary Seat, and the seat limit has been reached in any of the real estate niche programs where your name appears, a new Reserve Seat Board member can bump a Complimentary Seat member from that niche category. There is no grace period or warning.

How do we treat the consumer fairly?

The consumer should have a good cross-section of agent professionals to choose from. Buyer's View will restrict the number of advertising positions that can be reserved by anyone independent office or franchise brand. Buyer's View will attempt to have at least three individual offices to choose from for every community in our database.

Does a Reserve Seat Board member take precedent over an "at will" Complimentary Seat?

Yes! Complimentary Seats are occupied on an "at will" basis and will eventually be displaced by Reserve Seat Board members. There is no grace period or warning. Our system of bumping Complimentary Seat members, will normally be the last Complimentary Seat member in, first one out. Buyer's View reserves the right to alter this if necessary.

May I have a Reserve Seat or a Complimentary Seat advertising position in more than one niche category in more than one city or town?

Yes, you may reserve as many seats in all eight niche categories in any city or town that you service if that does not exceed the Buyer's View maximum restriction rule. We offer the same option to Complimentary Seat members. Keep in mind the "at will" Complimentary Seat does not protect you from being bumped.

How will Buyer's View choose seat members if there are more applicants than positions available?

We are intentionally limiting the number of seat member positions in each community to a seasoned cross-section of professional agents. Agents are advised to complete their profile, testimonials and to add designations as appropriate to convey their professionalism. Our selection committee will make the final choices.

What if I want to cancel my Reserve Seat Board membership?

Send buyers view a notice within 30 days of the expiration date and you will not be charged for the next subscription timeframe. Reserve seats not canceled will be automatically renewed for another annual subscription and will be charged to the same credit card. Any reserved seat that expires and is not renewed within a five-day grace period will automatically revert to Buyer's View and will be available to be assigned to another agent.

What are the monthly fees for membership?

Each niche category has a limited amount of seats for an annual fee of $10 per city or town you select. We also offer discounts if you choose one or more counties or the entire state. Buyer's View does all the work. Supply us with one profile and we will post your profile in the entire County of your choice or throughout the state if you select state pricing. Individual county or state pricing may be shared by more than one individual, but only one profile will be permitted in each city or town. A team group profile will be considered one profile. Final pricing will be determined by the amount of niche categories you choose. Check out our Membership Pricing for a complete list of benefits.