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The Buyer’s View website allows the consumer to easily find the various loan programs that
meet their requirements and then choose which loan professional they would prefer to work with.

Why do I need to Sign-up?

If you are a licensed loan officer or mortgage lender and you plan on advertising on the Buyer’s View platform, you will need to register to post your profile on any of the lending programs. One of the features of our website is professionals and consumers are free to browse through the entire website and remain completely anonymous. No usernames, passwords or email address are required.

Individual mortgage lenders can now create their personal profile to be seen by real estate consumers. Upload your picture, contact information, social media, testimonials, and link back to your own personal or company website. Membership plans allow you to choose any individual city or town to promote your business and personal profile in any one of the seven loan categories of your choice for only a $10 annual fee. (See Loan Programs) Because you work so closely with real estate agents, we also provide a discounted Local MLS Group Purchase Plan. Your business profile will appear in all the cities and towns of your Local MLS Board Jurisdiction. There are a limited number of Reserve Seats in each of the membership plans. See Membership Pricing for more info. Learn more details by clicking on FAQ Lenders and Mortgage Brokers.


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