Buyer’s View Backstory

In 1990, Robert (Bob) McAvoy converted his residential real estate office to Buyer’s View, Inc. Bob felt it was time for the home buyer to be represented by a professional licensed real estate agent that had their best interests in mind and not that of the seller’s. His office was one of the first in the New England area to exclusively represent the home buyer. At that time, all agents represented the seller even on a co-broke basis in a sub-agency capacity. Initially, there was resistance to the idea of agents on both sides of the transaction. McAvoy knew then that his agents were practicing a more sensible, consumer-friendly approach and that approach now dominates real estate practices in North America. Buyer’s View will again bring balance and equitable footing back to the marketplace.

In 1995 The NH Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents was founded by Bob and he was elected their first President. Bringing together real estate professionals who truly believed in the benefits of undivided loyalty and the common law of agency, Bob’s energy proved to be the catalyst for Buyer Agency and today’s current agency practices. Today buyer representation is common and accepted practice throughout the industry.

Although Bob McAvoy retired some years ago, he was continuously bothered by the current Seller dominated MLS sales system and the one-sided approach to the market. The Real Estate Portals and MLS do not treat the home buyer fairly. After several years of experimenting with ideas, he has come out of retirement to launch the Buyer’s View platform and website and build a sound team of professionals geared to helping Buyers and making selling a home much easier. Buyer’s View’s platform puts the buyer back in control, where they belong, and on a more level playing field with the seller. BV’s market approach is a win-win for Buyers, Sellers, and their licensed agents.

The seller now has a pool of available buyers to approach in their local market which can significantly reduce the advertising cost for their listing agent and help homes sell more quickly. The Buyer Agent will now have a vehicle to expose their client’s home buying needs for everyone to see and a much stronger hand in negotiating commissions and price. Moreover, the seller and their agent can now take a more pro-active role in helping to sell their property by being able to target these buyers.

Buyer’s View is not a broker nor does it have a mission to be a real estate broker. Instead, our platform becomes a marketing vehicle for all the industry to take advantage of, notably Seller Agents quickly finding Buyers and Buyer Agents. The Buyer’s View database and marketing platform will have a major impact on the real estate industry, reducing the time and cost to sell dramatically. We make finding buyers easy!